I AM Destined For Greatness?


In the presentation I am Destined For Greatness?, life coach and youth motivational speaker James Trower speaks to your heart, and uses powerful stories that inspire you to embrace your greatness. This presentation will take you through a range of emotions, and have you on the edge of our seat from start to finish. It's inspiring, passionate, and emotional all wrapped up in one amazing program. 

DARE To Lead


In this presentation DARE To Lead, youth motivational speaker and life coach James Trower uses the acronym DARE too engage the audience in embracing simple mindset characteristics that lay the foundation for effective leadership.

Decide To be a leader.

Allow yourself to be lead.

● Respect that leaders earn.

● Expectations of a leader.

On The Other Side of Fear


In this presentation On The Other Side of Fear, youth motivational speaker and life coach James pulls stories from his own life experiences, as well as others to show his audience how FEAR prevents us from truly pursuing our dreams, and how overcoming   those fears will lead us to the life of our dreams.