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My name is James Trower, and I was born in Brooklyn N.Y. I am ex military, and a former High School and Junior College Basketball Coach. I had the great honor of coaching along side and learning from one of the NJCAA Basketball Greats, Hall of Fame Coach Francis Flax.  Together we mad three consecutive National Tournament  appearances in the late 90's were we finished 4th two years in a row, then in 1999 we brought it home and won the schools first National Title. During that run we coached and mentored some  amazing players who all earned their degrees then went on to have successful professional careers. Most notable Darren Kelly, University of Texas and  Flint Michigan's phoneme Eddie Robinson formerly of the Charlotte Hornets and Chicago Bulls.  I've also been blessed to be mentored by one of The 50 Most Inspirational Figures in NBA History Melvin Adams. 

Now Before all the National Tournament runs I had to survive growing up on the rough streets of Brooklyn, where I spent my childhood as residents of the New York City foster care system. During those years in the "system" what I called "the dark years" I was repeatedly molested and endured both physical and emotional abuse. I lived with rejection and abandonment daily, and often though  thought of killing myself. I discovered basketball and used it to escape from all the negativity and abuse in my life. It wasn't until High School where  I met a teacher, who saved my life. Since then I've dedicated my life  to Encouraging, Inspiring, and Empowering young people to dare to do be great and to dare to dream big.  I  taught public high school for 16 years and in doing so started living my dream of doing for millions of kids what a teacher did for me. Now I am traveling the country sharing my story of overcoming life's obstacles, and never giving up on your dreams.




Alodia Sports Academy


James Trower is a great speaker that taps into one’s emotions to help them understand and feel the message. He is a huge hit at our basketball camps where he speaks to our athletes of all ages, genders and backgrounds.
His energy that he brings to situations is infectious and drives the group to higher levels than they believe they could achieve. His presentation style is superb and his message is spot on as to what our athletes need to hear and learn. One word captures what he brings -amazing!
Everyone can relate and be inspired by his powerful message of "I am Destined For Greatness". James is both engaging and humorous and his passion for inspiring young people to be great can not only be heard, but also felt. We are excited and looking forward to having him back in the future. Do yourself a favor and invite James to speak to your group.

Norman Schippers Founder and President, Alodia Sports Academy  



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The Story of the seed that dared to dream big. Is your story of how your world seemed to be falling apart around you but instead of giving up and excepting defeat you remained focus on you dreams  and eventually your dreams, become your reality.

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