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Reach One, Teach One!

During my 10 years as a basketball coach and 15 years as a public school educator I've dedicated my life to empowering, inspiring, and encouraging young minds to realize their greatness. Now I'm bringing my message of inspiration and encouragement to school districts, and corporate events around the world.  As a motivational speaker I help break through the boundaries that are preventing people from realizing their greatness. Let me help you move from the world of yesterday's regrets to the world of tomorrow's victories.

A Philosophy for the Future

The only limits we have, are the ones we give ourselves. The keys to success are already within you. You just need someone to show you the lock and encourage you to open the door. 

Workshops and Keynotes

As a motivational speaker and innovator, I will bring new life , passion, and high energy to your next event. Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.


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James Trower

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