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 I was born in Brooklyn N.Y. where I spent my early childhood in the New York City foster care system. During those years I endured physical  & emotional abuse, rejection, and abandonment. Everyday I was bullied and made fun of and often though of killing myself. I  used sports to escape from all the negativity and abuse in my life. It wasn't until my sophomore year in High School that I met a teacher that saved my life. Since then I've dedicated my life to Inspiring  young people to know their worth, and to dare to dream big, Just as a teacher did for me. I  taught public high school for 15 years and I now travel the country sharing my story of overcoming odds and never giving up on your dreams to high school assembles, youth retreats, basketball camps, college conferences, and corporate events.


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The Story of the little seed that dared to dream big. Is your story of how your world seemed to be crashing down around you and a teacher, coach, or even a stranger, ignited a spark in your mind that would ultimately put you on a path of healing, discovery, and empowerment.

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