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My name is James Trower, and I was born in Brooklyn N.Y. I am ex military, and a  former Junior College Basketball Coach. I had the great honor of coaching along side one of the NJCAA Basketball Greats, Hall of Fame Coach Francis Flax.  Together we made three consecutive NJCAA DII National Tournament  appearances in the late 90's were we finished 4th two years in a row, then in 1999 we won Brown Mackie's first ever NJCAA Division II National Title.

 During that run we coached and mentored some  amazing young men who all earned their associates degrees with us then went on to play at various universities around the country. Most notable Darren Kelly, University of Texas 1999-2001 and  Flint Michigan's phoneme Eddie Robinson, Central Oklahoma and formerly of the Charlotte Hornets and Chicago Bulls.  I've also been blessed to have been mentored by one of The 50 Most Inspirational Figures in NBA History, former NBA player and Harlem Globetrotter Melvin 'MC' Adams. 

I earned an Associates Degree in Business Management and my Bachelors  Degree in Information Technology and worked in the IT field as a local area network specialist for 8 years before I became an educator in 2006 

While growing up in Brooklyn, I spent my  early childhood in the New York City foster care system where I was subjected to physical, emotional,  and sexual abuse, and had entertained ending my life on many occasions. 

It was in high School where  I met a teacher, who saved my life and put me on the path of service to others.

 I became a teacher  because of him and  taught public high school for 16 years where I inspired thousands of young men and women 

to dare to be great, dare to dream big.

My mission statement

Dare To Be Great, Dare To Dream Big!




Santander Consumer USA

James, thank you for speaking at our Arizona and Colorado facilitates. I must say your presentation "I am Destined For Greatness" caught us all by surprise. No one was expecting to experience such a range of emotions that day.  Your message was spot on and the timing of it could not have been a coincidence. You touched many peoples lives  at those two events. So much so that they are still talking about you and your powerful message. Thank you again and we are looking forward to booking you again and this time including our Dallas facility.

Angelina Turilli-Hullum

Human Resource Manager

Santander Consumer USA motivational speaker

Adams Entertainment Agency

James is a man with a heart to inspire and empower the world with his message, "I AM DESTINED FOR GREATNESS". James will change the mindset of everyone in the room, the audience or  at the gas station. Every person will leave knowing they matter, there loved and more importantly their GREAT!. Book him TODAY, You'll never be the same.

Melvin Adams

Adams Entertainment Agency

Former NBA Player & Harlem Globetrotter. motivational speaker management consulting

Salazar Insurance Group

  I recently hired James Trower to speak at several schools in a large school district.  James came highly recommended from another motivational speaker I have used for several years.  James did an amazing job!  So much so, I have already hired him for 2 more speaking engagements.  James spoke to every  level from Elementary, Middle and High Schools.  He held the attention of every student and delivered a powerful message of hope.  That week was incredible and the School Administrators could not say enough positive comments.  James Trower exceeded the recommendation I received.  I highly recommend James for your event, he will make it great. 

Paul J. Piper
Salazar Insurance Group

Northbrook High School

  James, your “I am destined for greatness” presentation was inspiring, passionate, and emotional all wrapped up in one amazing package.  Thank you for preparing such an engaging and relate-able message, for the young men and women who make up our Class of 2020. 

You’re very comfortable in front of an audience and your talents as a motivational speaker really shined! From the moment you hit the stage you grabbed everyone's attention, and never let it go.

 Based on the reaction of our students and teachers, it was clear that your message resonated with them.  Thank you again and we are looking forward to having you back to speak too all of our classes.

Alison Butler
Asst. Principle
Northbrook High School

Alodia Sports Academy

 James Trower is a great speaker that taps into one’s emotions to help them understand and feel the message. He is a huge hit at our basketball camps where he speaks to our athletes of all ages, genders and backgrounds. The energy that he brings to situations is infectious and drives the group to higher levels than they believe they could achieve. 

His presentation style is superb and his message is spot on as to what our athletes need to hear and learn. One word captures what he brings -amazing! Everyone can relate and be inspired by his powerful message of "I am Destined For Greatness". 

James is both engaging and humorous and his passion for inspiring young people to be great can not only be heard, but also felt. We are excited and looking forward to having him back in the future. Do yourself a favor and invite James to speak to your group.

Norman Schippers 

Founder and President 

Alodia Sports Academy motivational speaker

Northkbrook High School

management consulting motivational speaker Our school serves a high poverty, high minority population student body. James Trower has a passion for working with our students and working to help them improve their lives. Whether it is by teaching them valuable technology skills in the classroom, or by modelling hard work and a positive attitude all day, every day, Mr. Trower is a powerful role model. I admire James Trower for the way he is driven to do well in his personal life and also his drive to serve others.

I am excited to hear that James will be expanding his audience by taking his high energy and passionate way of communicating with young people to various venues. If you have the need to deliver a positive, hopeful, and passionate message to young people or people of any age, you would do well to consider James Trower to help!


Randolph Adami
Building Principal
Northbrook High School


Only If You Say You Are


Destined For Greatness 

In this presentation James speaks to your heart, and uses powerful stories to inspire and empower the audience to embrace their greatness. This presentation will take you through a range of emotions, and have you on the edge of our seat from start to finish. It's inspiring, passionate, and emotional all wrapped up in one amazing program. 

Leading Through Greatness


Dare To Be 

In this interactive presentation James uses the acronym  DARE, too describe  4 mindsets of great leaders.

    Decide To Be a Great Leader

   Aspire To Be a Great Leader

         Recognize Your a Great Leader

     Expect  To Be a Great Leader 

Purpose & Passion


Connecting To Purpose

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.”  Steve Jobs.  

In this presentation James uses stories from personal life experiences  to engage the audience in connecting with their purpose in life.  We all have a purpose in life and connecting  with that purpose, is what life's journey is all about.

Dare to dream big, dare to be great!

I AM Destined For Greatness

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The Story of the seed that dared to dream big, is your story.  It's a story about your dreams and aspirations in life and how regardless of the environment or conditions you find yourself in, regardless of how many hatters try to pull you off course, regardless of what other people are saying and doing, you still remain faithful and committed to the fulfillment of your dreams.

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